The Cozy Crochet Cat Bed

As an animal lover and someone who is trying to save some money, diying as many items as possible for my new kitties was a no-brainer. We crocheters can do some incredible things with yarn, and making practical items is one of those things!

This is the perfect stash-buster project for your kitty or small dog. All you need are a couple skeins of super bulky yarn (I used Hometown by Lion Brand) and some poly fill stuffing. You could even use some old T-shirt’s for stuffing if you wanted! I’ve also included instructions for a faux fur insert to make the bed extra cozy. Whatever yarn you choose your furry friends are sure to love their new handmade bed as much as mine do!

One bed is the perfect size for one cat, or two kittens who love to snuggle!

What you’ll need:

-about 240 yards of super bulky/level 6 yarn (three skeins of Hometown USA by Lion Brand)

-one skein faux fur yarn (optional)- Go For Faux yarn by Lion Brand

-N/15 10mm crochet hook

-poly fill stuffing

-ruler or tape measure


-large eye sewing needle


-starting square 24 x 24”

-bed 20 x 20”

-fur insert 10.5 x 10.5”


-Any yarn and hook size can be used, just make sure the starting square is 24 x 24”.

-The size of the bed is customizable. Start with any even number of chains and make the starting square bigger or smaller as needed.

-Sewing up the back isn’t an exact science. You just want puffy edges to rest their head on!


-CH 60

Row 1: SC in the second CH from the hook. CH 1, SK 1 CH, SC. Repeat across, ending with a SC. (59 ST)

Row 2: CH 1, turn. SC in first ST. SC in next CH space. CH 1, skip SC, SC in next CH space. Repeat across until last CH space. SC in final SC. (59 ST)

Row 3: CH 1, turn. SC in first ST. CH 1, SK 1, SC in next CH space. Repeat across, SC in final SC. (59 ST)

Repeat rows 2 and 3 for 52 rows, or until square is an even length on all sides. Fasten off yarn.


Fold edge up 4” on one side. Attach yarn about 8” from one side with a slip stitch. Surface crochet across the edge and back of the panel until you’re 8” away from the other edge.

Fold next edge over 4”, make corner into a point and continue to surface crochet along the next edge until you’re 8” from the next edge. Repeat twice more until all four edges are attached to the back. SL ST to the first SC and fasten off yarn.

In the example I SC’d around the edge points.
This isn’t necessary, but it’s an option.

You now have a square with four pointed corners and four tunnels on the sides. Fill the tunnels with polyfil until the sides are round but not bulging. Once all tunnels are filled stitch the corners vertically with a few stitches to secure the filling and square off the corners. Fasten off and weave in all ends.

Faux Fur Insert:

With the N hook and faux fur yarn, CH 21.

SC in 2nd CH from the hook and in each CH across (20 ST).

CH 1, turn. SC across (20 ST).

Repeat until square measures 10.5 x 10.5”. Fasten off and weave in ends.

I hope you have as much fun making this bed as your furry friend will have sleeping in it! If you make one and share it on Instagram I’d love if you tagged me and use the hashtag #cozycrochetcatbed so I can see what you make!