Cozy Crochet Plant Hanger

I live in a small apartment and my love for plants has meant that 90% of the available surfaces are covered in lovely green things. Unfortunately I need that other 10% free to sleep and eat on, so I designed this cozy little plant hanger so I can make use of my walls and keep this plant addiction going.

You can find a beautifully formatted, 6-page PDF in my Etsy shop with full color pictorials and step by step instructions.

Get your copy here!

If you make one please be sure to tag me on Instagram, @februaryskydesigns and use the hashtag #cozycrochetplanthanger!


  • Bernat Home Dec Yarn, or similar Bulky Level 5 yarn made of cotton/acrylic and nylon.
  • size N/10 crochet hook
  • large eye sewing needle
  • stitch markers
  • 2.5 inch wooden ring (one per hanger)
  • 1.5 inch wooden ring (one per hanger)
  • large wooden beads (optional)

Final measurements:

Width (before hanging): 7”

Height (before hanging): 8” (without ring or tassel)

Purchase the ad-free, full color PDF for a few dollars here! Thank you for supporting my work.


35 thoughts on “Cozy Crochet Plant Hanger

  1. Good Morning do you have a u tube video showing how this is done still on my L plates and still learning how to read patterns thanks Yvonne

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  4. I do not know how to crochet but would love to learn, this is so small I think it would be a good project to start with as it would be finished quickly (or am I wrong)? do you have a downloadable pattern please?

  5. I am having a hard figuring out what type of pot to use. I got a long artificial plant to hang in it. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  8. Hi! I love this plant hanger! This is my third attempt at following your pattern for it. Every time I get to the last row and there are not enough chain spaces to finish the last 2DCT before the ch space marked for the ending slip stitch! How many 2DCT are supposed to be on the last round? I’m very frustrated that it’s not working out right! I’ve been crocheting for many years but can’t seem to follow your pattern. Do you have any idea what I might be doing wrong?

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  10. Hi…I am kinda stuck…I’m wondering if I’m doing rounds 4, 5, 6 right by decreasing 1 stitch in each round…( middle every time)

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  12. Hi Christina!
    I’m writing to ask permission to feature one this post in a roundup on my site I would like to use one photo and I will credit your site and link back to your original post. And if its okay with you I will use the same picture for a collage pin for the post. If you agree I will also add you to my list for future posts. Please let me know if this is ok.

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    • Hi Elizabeth, I’m happy you like my plant hanger! I recently rewrote the pattern and improved it quite a bit, with all new picture tutorials and a better design. The pattern is now only available on my Etsy, which helps support me so I can release other free patterns in the future.

      Happy crocheting!

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